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★ Show gameserver latency.
★ Batch check gameserver ping.
★ Set background task.
★ Show system tray icon when system tray running.
★ Set ping frequency.
★ Set ping interval.
★ Show ping value in a tooltip.
★ Set timeout for ping result.
★ Set color for ping value in a tooltip.
★ Enable sounds for ping result.
★ Fading of ping value.
★ Show time for last ping.
★ Autoclean settings.
★ Show date and time for last update.
★ Show game server ping in system tray.
★ Settings can be saved and loaded.
★ Opens config files in the program directory.
★ Support any countries.
How to use:
★ Open the program and go to the “SETTINGS” button.
★ There you can set the frequency, interval and timeout for the ping update.
★ Choose whether you want the system tray icon to show, or not.
★ Choose whether you want sounds for the ping result, or not.
★ Set the color of the ping value in a tooltip.
★ Choose whether you want the ping result to appear in a tooltip, or not.
★ Choose whether you want the ping result to fade, or not.
★ Set the timeout for the ping result, so it will appear quickly.
★ Set the color of the ping value in a tooltip.
★ Choose whether you want the time for the last update to appear in a tooltip.
★ Set the autoclean settings to 1-3.
★ Choose a folder for the settings to be saved.
★ Set the date and time for the last update.
★ Set an icon for the tray icon.
★ Start the game and go to the tray icon and hit “SETTINGS” button.
★ All settings are stored in the settings file.
★ The settings file can be saved and loaded.
★ Load settings from the settings file.
★ You can choose any language to support.
★ Supports any operating system.
★ Contains no viruses.
★ License: MIT
Compatibility: Windows 8/8.1/10/7
Size: 16.0 MB
★ From Google Play Store
★ From Github

Dota2Ping Crack + Keygen

Portable MHX Classroom Helper is a superb tool that will work on the two operating systems (Windows 7/8 and Mac OS X) and helps to take a look at the quality of the Internet connection in real time.
To begin with, we can estimate the latency of Internet connections. For that, all we need to do is to open the program, type the address of the server to be analyzed in the specified location and open it.
The application shows the history of the quality of the connection for each and every hour, taking into account at least 10 hours.
If the link becomes inactive during this time, the application highlights it and then displays a notification about the information we just obtained.
In addition, it shows the average value of latency in the specified location for a whole month. Thus, we can find out whether the latency of the Internet connection in our location has changed.
Its interface is really simple and can be used without any problems. It consists of three tabs: “Mean”, “Real time” and “History”.
Mean tab
The “Mean” tab shows a summary of the Internet quality in the specified location. Here, we can find out the average latency value for each hour, and an indicator of the quality of the Internet connection.
If the Internet has problems, the icon is located in the right upper corner. A blue arrow means that there is no Internet connection in the specified location, and it’s very important to check the connection.
The application shows the total number of hours in which the Internet has worked. The quality of the Internet can vary from hour to hour, so we cannot be sure that the Internet will work throughout the whole period.
Real time tab
This tab shows the history of latency throughout the whole month. There is no need to type in the address of the server here, as the program automatically loads it for us.
It shows the history in hours, where the connection was working and when it stopped. Thus, you can see if the Internet connection was good or not during the last month.
If it starts from “0”, the connection was inactive all of last month, and a blue arrow is displayed in the upper right corner.
History tab
The “History” tab shows the history of the Internet connection in the last 10 hours.
It shows the latency value in hours, and the number of connections that were active.

Dota2Ping Activation Key [32|64bit]

Dota2Ping lets you check your latency constantly and see which region has the best ping. It can monitor a server, or you can monitor a tournament.
Dota2Ping is a very simple and unobtrusive application.
Dota2Ping is free to use and does not require any further installation. You can click on the buttons below to read the rest of this review.

Download Dota2Ping – Dota 2 Ping Monitor from Softonic

Dota2Ping Review

Dota2Ping is a Windows application that was released for Windows on.

The program can be downloaded from the Softonic website and is free to use for a single player. The trial version can be used for up to ten days. However, the program only checks your ping to a single Dota 2 server at a given time.

Dota2Ping Description

Dota2Ping is a Windows application that was released for Windows on November 14, 2016 and is published by the software developer Softonic, Inc.. The program’s main purpose is to check the latency that your connection to a given Dota 2 server has when compared to other servers.

In order to perform the check, the program will monitor the Dota 2 server you selected and will display information on a graphical interface.

The main interface of the application is divided into five tabs. The first one is called Home, and this will show you the different buttons available for you to use. The second tab is called Server and is where you will find all the settings that are relevant to the check.

The third tab is named Variables and contains the statistics that you can use to compare the results of your tests. In this category you will find information on the latency and the average ping as well as the three most recent values for each.

The fourth tab is called History and is where you will find all the previous tests and your previous results. The final tab is called Notifications and this is where you can customize the program to do its work.

Dota2Ping Version History


Date Released



The application was last updated on November 14, 2016.

Overall, Dota2Ping is a simple application that checks your latency to a specific Dota 2 server. It is very well designed and easy to use. It works very well and I could not find anything that was wrong with the program.

Dota2Ping Trial

What’s New in the Dota2Ping?

System Requirements:

CPU: Intel Core i5 2100 @ 2.66GHz or better
Intel Core i5 2100 @ 2.66GHz or better RAM: 8GB
8GB Video: NVIDIA GTX 970 or AMD R9 290 @ 4GB
NVIDIA GTX 970 or AMD R9 290 @ 4GB Hard Disk: 50 GB
50 GB Operating System: Windows 10 (64-bit only)
Windows 10 (64-bit only) Web Browser: Internet Explorer 11
Internet Explorer 11 Anti-Virus Software: Microsoft Security Essentials or a similar anti

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