I have seen a lot of people posting jobs from ahaha in past month, even one of aufa who hasn’t posted in at least five years.


It seems that aufa is a very busy user of github recently and deleted multiple repositories in a short period of time, they don’t necessarily are related to the same person.

If you look closer at the previous repositories that aufa has created and have been deleted you’ll notice that they are all in the “jmi” name, possibly a github user account name.
The aufa account has also changed his avatar, although a friend of aufa (not sure which one) is still using his original avatar.
The reason for that is likely that someone else was using that aufa account and they did not use a separate github account, this means that the aufa account was closed, and his friend or whoever else is using it changed his avatar to something else.
It is unknown what was deleted, and if it was deleted by aufa, but according to github it was not aufa who deleted it, and by the looks of things it is not a valid repository.

Oracle has entered the virtual desktop arena with the new Oracle Virtual Desktop Appliance offering. OVDA offers users a simple, convenient, high-performance, secure desktop which can be deployed as a virtual machine with the click of a button. Users can be up and running quickly with OVDA delivering a true Linux desktop experience.

VMware is moving to a 2-tier licensing model for its virtual desktops (VDIs) starting on January 11, 2018. With that change, VMware is raising prices for its VDI software and hardware products, though these price increases have not been made public yet.

Last week VMware’s new licensing model was leaked by an employee, and now the full details are available.

VDI is something that VMware needs to get right. Businesses want to make the most of their IT staff by allowing them to be productive in their own time, but that means that the in-office desktops and thin clients that they have need to provide a better user experience than


16 Oct 2018 – TweetDescargarTomboy + Crack is here! – Download this amazing multi tasking android app to manage your tasks.
Dec 5, 2019 in Ann of the United States)
DescargarMisterio (2017) Software: C++, DC++, LINUX, VS.NET,.m3u8,, WP7.0, Symbian, ZIP, DOC, AVI, FLV, MPEG, MTS, 3GP, MP4, 3G2, and WEBM files (Windows, Windows XP, Microsoft Windows NT, and 2000, and Windows Vista/7/8). Size of the software. 7.27 MB (32bit) or 9.25 MB (64bit) (Premium version) and 6.85 MB (32bit) or 9.15 MB (64bit) (Standard version). In these package you will find: 1- Universal Cross- Platform Unarchiver (User Interface). 1.1 Multi Purpose File Extractor (User Interface). 1.2 EXE Coder (C++ and C#) (GUI and Console). 2- DESC AR MAIN – a free utility to convert any DRM protected video, audio, and images files. 3- DiskaDecoder. 2012 (Included) 4- 3G2 to MP4 Converter (Included). 5- WEBM to MP4 Converter (Included). 6-.gif to MP4 Converter (Included). 7- BitTorrent Downloader (Included). 8- ZIP to MP4 Converter (Included). 9- P2P Client (Included). 10- Player to MP4 Converter (Included). 11- FLV to MP4 Converter (Included). 12- MPEG to MP4 Converter (Included). 13- AVI to MP4 Converter (Included). 14- MP3 to MP4 Converter (Included). 15- 3GP to MP4 Converter (Included). 16- MP4 to MP3 Converter (Included). 17- WEBM to FLV Converter (Included). 18- MPEG to FLV Converter (Included). 19- CEL to FLV Converter (Included). 20- MP3 to CEL Converter (Included). 21- MPEG to C

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