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Database Wizard is an in-built software that uses the “Library” function for creating, and editing tables for SQL databases. User needs to create the destination path first, and then enter the corresponding file path, along with the database being used.

The overall design principle is very simple, but the product utilizes a great opportunity to be creative, thanks to the many options at the disposal for creating databases, along with the support of multiple types of databases. The installation process requires the running of the setup file, and creation of the database via this interface. The program uses tables and fields to record the needed information, which needs to be added or edited through the user-friendly interface.
The software uses standard query language (SQL) to make the process of creating tables much easier, and faster. It allows user to create table according to the need, and then insert information. However, the program cannot save the script developed to automatically import items into the database, but the user can edit the script as well.


The main feature of the application is to provide you the ability to create databases and tables to the existing SQL databases. It provides the facility to add and edit tables through the help of the interface.

Database Wizard is available in four editions, each with its own features:

Standard Edition:

It is available as the free edition with a few limitations for viewing data. It is the best choice for the beginners and provides the option to edit the created tables. It also allows you to view the existing databases.

Price: Free

Premium Edition:

This edition is a commercial product which provides the facility to create and edit new databases and tables in multiple languages. It offers multi-language support and fully adjustable features. It also allows you to import data from various sources. The product can be used for the free version as well.

Price: $25.00

Ultimate Edition:

It has all the features of the other editions. But also, it has the feature of export/import of tables into the CSV (comma separated values). It is a fully customizable software that has a lot of exciting features that makes it more popular among the users. It also has the facility to save the script to update tables in the database.

Price: $49.95


It is an easy to use and user-friendly interface. It is a simple software that is absolutely optimized for the users and offers

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The tool allows for the creation of database schemes in databases stored in SQL Server. At the moment, it supports, and adds tables to SQL, SQL Anywhere, Text and MySQL databases.
However, the last two, as well as the text one, need to be installed separately. Using the text version, you can later add columns, include a scripting language and work with other data types, such as SQL Server tables.
No setup required
Database Wizard is available in the Google Play and App Store stores, or you can manually download a free version available here, or the pro edition at $4.99. The first time you open it, or open any SQL file, you’ll be asked to enter key credentials. On the other hand, once the application is installed, it won’t need any further configuration.
What you’ll need to do:
While the entire process can be completed in just a few clicks, those who know a little bit about working with databases, and SQL can play with a larger selection of options. So, having already saved your files, if you need to make changes, you can do so by editing the string and selecting save changes, or delete, or keep the entry to modify later on.
The options that can be selected in the tool are extensive, and include the following:
• Character set
• Include database CS:
• Append to CS:
• Create table columns
• Scripting language:
• Add table columns
• Create table script:
• Content type:
• Inline script
• Match settings:
• Script path:
• Execute inline script:
• Script statements:
• Script content:
• Scripting language:
• Table type:
• DB type:
Database Wizard Features:
No setup required
Even though the tool is easy to use, there’s no need for setup because it uses existing folder paths, and credentials stored in the database. There’s the possibility of adding multiple CSV data files, which can be either converted into a database or inserted manually.
You can do so directly in the program, or use a tool, like Database Wizard Script Generator, to create the corresponding settings. The only limit to their use is the file type.
Create database schemes
Other than creating a SQL database scheme from scratch, Database Wizard can also work for databases which already have them. In this case, one way to use it is to append additional tables,

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Keep your data safe by backing it up to any location on your computer! Database Wizard provides reliable backup and restores to SQL databases. With a minimum of configuration, the program will periodically back up your database while it is open. When you create a new database, Database Wizard will also back up your current database. Database Wizard will install completely automatically and you can access the main screen from any view: Tasks, Features, Options, Commands, Edit Script, etc. Database Wizard needs no further configuration – SQL Server is installed and it creates the database. Simply load a database name, and the data will be there. The program will support all major databases, and you can find detailed descriptions of the supported databases in the readme.txt file. In addition to this the readme.txt also contains a detailed tutorial on how to use the program.
Database Wizard features:
* Create, and edit SQL databases
* Show or hide databases
* Support any version of SQL Server
* Database Wizard works with the Microsoft SQL Server 2014 – 2014 Standard Edition
* Database Wizard does not require installation of Microsoft SQL Server Express, Microsoft SQL Server Express with Advanced Services, or Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise
* Database Wizard does not require installation of Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition – only SQL Server 2014
Database Wizard Supported databases:
* Microsoft SQL Server 2014
* Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2
* Microsoft SQL Server 2012
* Microsoft SQL Server 2008
* Microsoft SQL Server 2005
* Microsoft SQL Server 2000
* Microsoft SQL Server Express
* Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition
Database Wizard Downloads:

Note: All files were tested on Windows 7, with a standard Windows 8 license.
InfoWorld Rating:

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What’s New in the?

Database Wizard is a program which allows you to create databases, and tables. The feature set is relatively comprehensive, but limited to text-based and numeric data. Importing data from different sources is still not covered.
Database Wizard can handle the following tasks:
Drop existing databases.
Create databases and tables.
Add, and modify database properties.
Configure database sources.
Create, and modify database user accounts.
Database Wizard allows you to create tables, and alter them, thus giving you the chance to delete existing ones, and add new ones. Even though the software can be considered basic overall, with limited functions, we still recommend it for beginners.
It’s free to try and we don’t have any affiliation with it.
App Tester.
To sum it up
The process of creating and maintaining databases is a rather complicated and time-consuming process, and it often requires a lot of attention. An application like Database Wizard helps you make all of this easier on yourself, by creating, and deleting databases as well as tables, and fields, automatically, and without many complications and mistakes.
Its fairly easy, and intuitive to use, and we think that the price is a bit high for what it’s worth.

A bit of hassle, and work is required to maintain databases. Especially when working on third-party applications, the possibility of needing to switch database files due to differing file format requirements is high. Database Wizard allows you to perform such duties, with the simplicity of a few basic mouse clicks.
Create databases and tables
As with most of the tools available, you need a decent amount of technical knowledge to get the application up and running. Database Wizard is fairly intuitive, and user-friendly overall. The application is really more of a helper, and helps you perform the functions you require, but have to perform often manually.
The manual is really helpful, however, you have to remember, and take note of the steps, if you want everything to work correctly. For instance, you need to know if a text or word will be enforced as a db type, and character, thus needing to be added manually. Existing databases also need to be deleted, and rebuilt, in case of changes to the structures.
Good, but far from being a pro
Database Wizard provides the option to add, and modify tables within the same database. To perform such tasks, you need to know the fields and fields type, and how much space should be allocated

System Requirements For Database Wizard:

Windows 7/8/8.1/10 or Mac OS X (10.10 or later)
Graphics card that supports DirectX 11
Internet connection
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