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Dogs In Santa Fe Live High-Powered Lives

By The Taos News

10/02/2012 05:45:26 PM MST

10/02/2012 05:47:53 PM MST


Rich Mitchell, SUN

When you think of how dogs view the world, odds are that your notion of a dog is a mutt of some sort. Hot dogs, scrawny dogs, iffy dogs. Well, we may be out of the loop, but there’s a breed of dog in New Mexico that defies those labels and raises the question of what it means to be loyal, maybe even lovable.

For the first time in hundreds of years, the Spanish have imported dogs from the Aztec empire, and their influence is apparent in today’s Santa Fe culture. Dogs on leashes are called canes, dogs that live in the house are called hostas.

The dogs in the modern city are called gabanes, Spanish for “lassie.”

In Santa Fe, the bloodlines of the gabane don’t always run through the innards of a stray pit bull. In fact, some people have the mistaken notion that they shouldn’t feed a dog unless it is pure bred. Others think that because they found a lost puppy at a party, they should just leave it there.

But the dogs of Santa Fe are high-power, too high-powered to ever be lost. Most gabanes belong to someone who works at an office on the Plaza. They belong to the developer who stands on the balcony and tosses them a stick of celery.


They belong to the political consultant. They belong to the creative person.

The are the


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Falling out of style when javascript setTimeout not under ‘@’

I’m working on this project where we are trying to send an email so let’s leave it as that. I am using pure javascript as the textbox for subject text is meant to be refreshed via some URL call. In order to retrieve the text we are using document.getElementById() as such:
function getText(){
var subject = document.getElementById(“SubjectText”);
return subject.value;

The code I was given is as such:
@if (Session[“emailID”]!= null)
int i = 0;
foreach (var message in EmailMessages)
var subject = “”;
if (i == 0)
subject = “Mr.” + message.Sender + “‘s Charms :” + message.Body;
SubjectText.innerText = subject;

else if (i == 1)
subject = “Ask ” + message.Sender + ” :” + message.Body;
SubjectText.innerText = subject;

else if (i == 2)
subject = “Do you want ‘Ask ” + message.Sender + “‘ Charms? :” + message.Body;
SubjectText.innerText = subject;

else if (i == 3)
subject =

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