The Internet is filled with applications that help you store important documents from the clipboard, with basic or advanced options that might take a while to master. If you have a job that requires managing different types of files and you need to store all the copied and accessed records ClipBooker is one of those tools that provides enough functions save time and efficiently compose and save multiple items.
The program is wrapped in a well-structured and approachable interface divided into a folder organizer (inbox, favorite, untitled, trash) on the left side of the panel, a file list, and a word processor at the bottom of the window.
Compose numerous notes and manage stored clipboard items
To start all you need to do is either copy a text from another source, which appears in the inbox folder or create a new entry using the editor. From the menu, you can easily make a new collection by giving it a name that best represents its content, as well as import files from the PC in TXT and RTF formats.
The tool gives you the option to move an item from a location to another by dragging and dropping it into the desired category. Records are sorted one after another in ascending order based on the creation date, and you can start and stop the capture at any given time.
Customize the content and configure optional properties
The editor provides basic formatting tools, such as various font types, colors and sizes, bold, italic, along with word alignment and insertion of bullet lists. Unfortunately, there is no option to add any images, date and time, hyperlinks or basic tables.
In addition, you can set the printing settings, like printer name, paper resolution and orientation, the paper width and height parameters, and the source. It would've been a nice addition if the app offered a choice to password protect the documents from prying eyes.
Taking everything into account, ClipBooker is a handy and user-friendly utility designed to provide an efficient way of capturing copied files and text from the clipboard and store it in distinct categories. During our testing, the tool didn't consume too many resources nor encountered any issues.









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Like most of the other applications, using ClipBooker is similar to opening a new file in a word processor, but it offers an advanced interface and an ability to manage documents efficiently.
The program is available in both English and Chinese versions and contains an easy to use interface. This makes it easy to create new notes and folders, which will automatically be sorted according to the date. In addition, you can also sort them by any other field, such as size, extension, etc. You can also move an item into a new folder by dragging and dropping it into the desired location. This helps you to organize all the things that you copied. It does not matter how much you might have copied because all of them can be added at any time. The program also allows you to add basic formatting, such as font types, colors, sizes, bold, italic, and alignments. There is no option to add any images, date, time, hyperlinks, or even basic tables.
After testing it for a while, we found that the application doesn’t allow users to connect it to the Windows Clipboard, which is a bit of a bummer. It offers a wide variety of features that are good to see in the Clipboard manager.
Is the program reliable and stable?
Our answer is a definite YES! While browsing the Internet, I often noticed that people are complaining that ClipBooker is crashing, or they are having issues while opening and saving files. To be frank, I haven’t experienced any of these problems as I have been using this program for quite some time now.
It is possible that there could be some issues with the user interface, which might impact its performance. Therefore, it is recommended to run the program in a desktop environment such as Windows, rather than on a mobile device.
Overall, this program is easy to use and provides the basic features that you might be looking for. It is very useful for storing documents from the clipboard, and you can easily drag and drop the documents into different folders. It is simple to use and it can be a very helpful tool for storing all the records from the clipboard.

It’s a simple program

It’s easy to use

You can customize its appearance

It supports a wide variety of extensions

It supports Unicode

It does not allow you to add images or basic tables


There are no advanced options

It is not compatible with Windows

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* Fast clipboards forensics
* Task list view
* Category view
* Multiple columns
* Split columns
* Full-text search
* Shortcuts for launching applications
* Color picker
* Windows-to-Mac clipboard transfer
* Supports drag-and-drop of documents
* Text and text boxes
* Media files
* Access all the files in a single place
* Multiple windows
* Multiple tabs
* Switch between tabs
* List, Column, and Tree view for documents
* Fast and easy screen captures
* Fast document creation
* Online text documents
* Inline images
* QuickReply
* Text and text boxes
* Show your desktop
* Create text documents with the click of a button
* Multiple columns
* Multiple files
* Drag-and-drop documents into tabs
* View documents in thumbnails
* Quickly open a document
* Text editor with highlighting
* Copies selected text from other applications
* Multiple windows
* Icon view
* Access documents in your folders
* Move between folders
* View the Documents History
* Automatic backup of documents
* Various fonts, colors, and sizes
* Record everything that’s in the clipboard
* Full file associations
* Quickly launch applications
* Back up documents to the cloud
* Supports Windows 7 and above
* Start and stop recording
* Auto save documents and images
* Convert DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, HTML, RTF and PDF files
* Spell checker
* Word processor
* Add image or video files to documents
* Supports drag-and-drop of documents
* Copy to clipboard with CTRL+C
* Auto-complete function
* Create documents and files in various formats
* Integrated online service
* Sync documents between desktop and mobile devices
* Efficient document search
* Search text
* Drag and drop documents to tabs
* Split columns
* Multiple columns
* Search for text
* Split columns
* Search for text
* Drag and drop documents to tabs
* Add an item to Favorites
* Select an item and move it to another folder
* Clipboard History
* Apply custom settings
* Hide the ribbon
* Clips of all sizes
* Use all the keyboard shortcuts
* Multiple tabs
* Search for text
* Multiple columns
* Multiple windows
* Fast screen capture
* Drag and drop documents
* Copy to clipboard

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ClipBooker is a tool that automatically manages your clipboard and saves all the files that you copy from the Internet. You can organize the items in folders or tags. You can also save your files in the TXT and RTF formats. The application is an excellent way to store notes, you can start and stop capturing files at any given time. You can also filter the records by creation date and you can compress them or convert them into different formats.


• Copy records from the clipboard.

• Choose the way to organize the files and folders.

• Filter and organize the files and folders in the different folders.

• Create tags and keep an eye on what you’re storing in the clipboard.

• Choose the time you want to start and stop capturing records.

• Apply password protection on selected folders.

• Convert records to multiple formats.

• Preview the text before saving it.

• Print the records you need.

• You can choose to move the items between folders.

• You can resize the files and documents.

• Drag & Drop.

• Manage custom properties.

What’s New in v1.3:

New features in this version:
– Improved text preview.
– Added a reset filter.
– Improved performance.
– Some bugfixes.Recap: MLB All-Star Week 6

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What’s New in the?

My favorite app for business. Great app. Clipbooker allows you to create a collection of your clipboard data easily. It can store pasteboards and images from websites and e-mails, as well as files from the clipboard, other apps, as well as from the system in a separate folder. Clipbooker is the perfect alternative to using your computer mouse to copy and paste files to your other folders, or simply copying files from your clipboard to different places.
Favorite clips with your name, URL, date, the size of the clip and the list of the application in which it was saved and/or opened can be stored in a new folder. So, you can make a folder named “Connections”, for example, and the app will automatically create a new folder for all your clips from the past few days. You can edit the folder name of the collection, change the font style, and customize its background color. You can also export all your clips to plain text files, and you can hide/unhide them from the folder menu.
Clipbooker automatically imports images, images in URLs, images from Skype chats, images from web pages, and images from emails. All the saved images are displayed in a separate folder that can be renamed and modified as needed.
You can connect to your Google Account and send multiple clips with a single click. Clipbooker allows to create a new collection for your favorite screenshots and it will create a new folder to store them, even if you have no other collections. You can use the Export All option to export all the items in the current collection or individual collections to an archive file. You can also import clips from the collection to a newly created collection, or if there is already a collection on your Google Drive, you can share it with the app.
You can create and manage collections in a folder, and you can manage and organize them by placing items into folders. You can add a text file, a photo, or an image to the collection, and you can remove any item from a collection at any time, with no loss of the items you have added.
Clipbooker allows to connect to OneDrive, Dropbox, and Evernote accounts. You can use it to send your clipboards between your devices, to share the collection with other people, and to create a collection in any of your accounts.
To save the clipboard records to a folder, you must select a folder first. The app allows you to create a new folder directly from a folder icon, or you can select a single item in the collection by tapping on it, and then tap on the Copy option, which will place the selected item in the desired folder.
Clipboard records can be copied to a different location at any time. The app does not require a Wi-Fi connection.
Clipbooker supports different file formats, including: image files, including jpg, jpeg, p

System Requirements:

Supported OS:
Windows 7 64-bit
Windows 8 64-bit
Windows 8.1 64-bit
Windows 10 64-bit
Mac OS X 10.11 or later (64-bit)
Linux (64-bit)
64-bit virtual machines are strongly recommended for a stable test session. Recommended system specifications are detailed below.
Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 and above, AMD Radeon HD 7970 or above, Intel HD Graphics 4000 and above.
Minimum configuration:
CPU: Intel Core i5-

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