Falcon C++, together with Falcon C++ 2.0 and Falcon C++ 2.5 for Visual C++, is the official programming tools for the Falcon Programming Language (FPL). It is the only IDE available for FPL code, the world’s fastest language for x86 based microprocessors (Intel, AMD, and Microchip).

Falcon C++, like the original Falcon C++, is a complete programming tools for C++. It supports the concepts of object-oriented programming (OOP), a design methodology where software components are defined by their related data structures.

Unlike Falcon C++, the Falcon C++ 2.0 and 2.5 products do not support the Falcon OOP language. The graphical editors, code completion, automatic code generation tools, and documentation can be used in conjunction with the object-oriented version of FPL, or if you prefer, you can continue to use C++ with Falcon C++.

Falcon C++ supports all of the tools in the Falcon programming environment and is compatible with all Falcon source code.

With Falcon C++, you can interactively edit and compile all Falcon code files, navigate through the code, browse code or symbols, and debug and resolve code problems.

Key Features of Falcon C++

The Falcon C++ products are included with the original Falcon Programming Language (FPL) and are used to write C++ code.

The products can be used to develop, debug, compile, and explore all Falcon code without the need to translate the source code to the native C++ language.

The products run under Microsoft Windows and support Microsoft Visual C++ compilers (90/95/98, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2008, and 2008 Express).

The tools support all Visual C++ language features including, for example, OOP and RTTI and are designed to be used for:

developing programs with the full functionality of the Falcon language (including object-oriented concepts);

compiling and debugging code written in C++ and FPL (the FPL code is compiled by the compiler included with Falcon C++).

Falcon C++ Software:

Developing Application Software with Falcon C++

The Falcon C++ products are included with Falcon Programming Language (FPL) and can be used to develop applications without having to translate the code to the native C++ language. You can use the tools to interactively edit and compile all Falcon code without the eea19f52d2


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