Forgotten FTP Password is a small software application that helps you recover lost or forgotten FTP passwords. The program can work with a wide range of FTP servers which store passwords, such as CuteFTP, WS FTP, Bullet Proof FTP, FlashFXP, FTP Explorer, FTP Voyager, LeechFTP, and others.
The user interface is really simplistic, and can be mastered even by less experienced users. In case you don’t get an idea of this program functions, you can check the online help menu and useful tips.
It is possible to add a port number in the dedicated dialog. Of course, Forgotten FTP Password manages to decrypt the stored and encrypted passwords only if you have previously enabled the “save password” feature for the FTP clients in use.
The application offers quick access to a Notepad file, which contains details about the mappings of IP addresses and host names.
No special computer skills are required when working with this tool, as it doesn’t ask you to provide the username or other details in order to recover the passwords. It automatically displays the needed information in the main window. The recovered passwords cannot be exported to a file format, but they can be copied to the Clipboard.
During our testing we have noticed that the application manages to carry out a task pretty quickly and without errors. It remains light on your system resources, so it doesn’t affect the functionality of your FTP servers in any way.
All things considered, Forgotten FTP Password is a small but powerful utility that allows users to recover lost or forgotten FTP passwords quickly and with minimum effort.







Barcode Maker Crack+ Full Product Key Free [32|64bit] [Updated]

The software is an easy to use graphical code input tool. It enables a user to create any kind of barcode whether it contains numbers or letters, as well as graphics. It even allows you to create barcodes that can contain text.
It is very easy to understand thanks to its user-friendly interface. Just type in the text you want to display in the space provided and press the OK button to make it appear.
Version 6.4 is a major upgrade for the program. It introduces all sorts of new features, among which are the new Template and Image Editor. The Template Editor is a free and simple drag and drop interface, that enables users to create any barcode you want by simply dragging and dropping various elements and features such as text, graphics or even a picture. This is then neatly organized in a code-like menu.
The other big addition is the Image Editor. This is a tool used for creating barcodes that feature pictures in various shapes, colors and sizes. It allows you to crop the image, adjust its brightness or apply a number of different effects. All in all, it makes it easy to create different barcodes, from simple ones to fancy, graphical ones.
Barcode Maker comes with several features that allow a user to customize and personalize his/her code. Thus, the color scheme, the font, the size and the direction of the text can all be changed.
Now with a user friendly and free interface, Barcode Maker is a tool you can use to create your own barcode easily.
Free Barcode Maker shows a barcode that is a generic product Id. Show your name on the specific barcode.
Equinoxe Toolbar Helper is a feature-rich and free tool that acts as a supplementary to the Equinoxe Add-Ons application, allowing you to easily install the required browser add-on and quickly activate the chosen extension once you visit the site of your choice.
One of the great advantages of the toolbar is that it does not affect the working of your browser, nor does it need to be manually removed from your system. In fact, the best part of this tool is that it offers an easy way to add or switch between extensions by simply clicking a button. This is very fast and convenient, so you will be able to pick the extension that you want to use with utmost ease.
Free Equinoxe Toolbar Helper is a user-friendly and reliable feature that enables you to install additional browsers extensions

Barcode Maker Free

With Barcode Maker, you can scan barcode labels, which can be easily attached to emails, product orders, and many more. Scanning is quite simple. Just click the ‘Scan’ button on the toolbar and start scanning.
Barcode Maker Features:
1. Supports various barcode types
2. Generates various barcode sizes
3. WYSIWYG barcode layout editor
4. More than 18 templates to assist you with creating a barcode template
5. An import/export feature is available to transfer data into and out of the program
6. Various barcode generation options including fixed, percentage, variable, and combination
7. The working area can be easily resized
8. You can zoom in or out with the mouse wheel
9. Supports the lightweight printing (optional)
10. Print with different paper sizes and color formats
11. Auto-scroll and full text search of the document
12. Automatically scan and print barcode labels
13. The list of scanned barcode numbers and other data can be saved into MS Excel
14. Supports platform independent friendly UI
15. Menu bar available to provide access to the main features
16. Results can be exported into Microsoft Excel, MS Word, PDF, Text, CSV format
17. Datatypes like Integer, Float, Time, Date, String, Boolean etc. are supported
18. Supports high-resolution images
19. Works with RAW files of photography, 360-degree photos and graphics
20. Simplifies even the complicated task of printing and scanning.
21. Offers a friendly user interface
22. Support for Microsoft Office & Office Add-ins
23. Very easy to install. No need to register or purchase additional components
24. Add barcode labels from Barcode Cloud
25. Image editor for modifying the formatting and masking of barcode image
26. Report generating tools that provide clean and neat pages
27. Flexible templates which you can easily export into MS Office, CSV, TXT, PDF, HTML, XLS.
28. System Requirements:
1. Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (64-bit)
2. Intel or AMD processor running Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (32-bit or 64-bit)
3. 128 Mb RAM at least
4. 100 Mb free disk space
Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
If you are looking for

Barcode Maker Free

An ideal cross-platform and user-friendly barcode software program that can be used to generate and convert barcodes including QR, Data Matrix and Aztec.
Windows users will also enjoy the software since it can be downloaded and run directly from the Microsoft Store.
The user interface is separated into different tabs. The sidebar bar is used to access the various functions of the application.
Barcode Maker is a Free full-featured barcode software program that is meant to help you quickly generate and convert barcodes. The program is a native Windows application and requires no prior programming skills to use.
The barcode can be generated from a simple and easy-to-use GUI. At the time of writing this review, Barcode Maker did not support offline mode.
Additional Features:
Filter generation
Support for a wide variety of barcode formats including: Aztec, Data Matrix, QR, PDF417, 0201, – Image Barcode, Code 39, Codabar
The program supports both 4, 9 and 12 characters encoding schemes with the ability to create barcodes for labels, library books and bar code sheets.
Export to CSV, WPF, PDF, PNG and image files
Update the program’s database
Program availability
Barcode Maker can be downloaded and installed directly from the Microsoft Store.
Its trial version is available for download as well.
A one-time in-app purchase is required in order to unlock additional features.
Is this the best barcode software?
Barcode Maker is an awesome and user-friendly barcode generator and encoder, which is supported by a free trial version. It’s a perfect solution for beginners.
Although the program offers a lot of features, we still feel that it is not as advanced and user-friendly as other barcode generating programs.
The software is capable of converting barcodes into PDF, image and PNG files and supporting both 4, 9 and 12 characters encoding schemes.
The barcode options can be seamlessly organized into tabs and the overall functionality is simple to use.
Unfortunately, the program lacks support for offline mode, but that could be fixed in future updates.
Barcode Maker does not support AOI mode and can only scan barcodes one at a time.
A few other minor issues exist that do not affect the overall performance of the program.
However, the in-app purchase price is absurd for such a basic barcode generator, regardless of the fact that you

What’s New in the?

Barcode maker is simple to use and powerful barcode creator software. It is most powerful software in the barcode making software collection, it’s eas to understand, create and print barcode with minimalistic interface.
Barcode Maker Features:
■ New barcode making software is not available from the internet or in shops. Barcode Maker is the only barcode software available that is an open source software.
■ Barcode Maker is the smallest barcode software. So if your computer is fanless and low on resources Barcode Maker will be a good choice for you.
■ Barcode Maker is smallest barcode software ever. So use it where ever you can.
■ Barcode Maker has powerful barcode making features with minimum user interface. So it has different barcode making features in one software.
■ Barcode Maker as standard barcode software. Does not needs to be done manual barcode making. So find the barcode making features you like in Barcode Maker.
■ Barcode Maker is easy to use. So just download and run the software.
■ Barcode Maker is developped for you, the user. Therefore, a vast amount of features are included in Barcode Maker. Do you want any other functionality? Let me know with detailed message.
■ Barcode Maker is professional barcode making software. So it has all the features that you want.
■ Barcode Maker is always upgrade for you. So Barcode Maker will keep always up to date with the newest features.
■ Barcode Maker is multilingual software. So it is easy to use for any language.
■ Barcode Maker is free software. So always checks the license before you install it.
Img2mp3 Free is a free tool that can convert almost any image into a more compact JPEG, then you can easily email it, upload it to your server, or save it to a CD / DVD.
Img2mp3 Free can save you a lot of space on your computer, and can also be used for backing up CD or DVD images. If you send these files via email, you can also make sure that they remain small and high-quality.
Img2mp3 Free features a powerful image processor. If your computer is low on resources, or you simply want to reduce file size, you can use Img2mp

System Requirements For Barcode Maker:

Mac OS X 10.9+
10+ GB of free disk space
Python 3.4.3+
RVM 1.28.3+
A recent graphics card
Step 1. Install prerequisites
To run this tutorial successfully, you will need to have RVM installed on your Mac computer.
If you have not installed it yet, you can follow the official installation guide.
Step 2. Install Python 3.5
Open Terminal and go to the Downloads folder where the python.dmg

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