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The AutoCAD Serial Key software is a word processor and graphical design program. You can make 2D and 3D designs by drawing objects and connecting them with lines, text, and colors.

Objects can be placed on different layers to be viewed from different angles.

The software is capable of generating engineering drawings that can be printed, sent to a laser printer or other device, or viewed on a computer screen.


AutoCAD is intended for creating complex engineering drawings for home, office, and industry. You can draw objects and components for almost every field of engineering. The software has been used for a wide range of purposes, including, but not limited to, graphic, mechanical, electrical, architectural, and industrial design.


You can create a graphically simple diagram or a sophisticated drawing of any complexity.

The program can generate 2D and 3D drawings.

You can work with 2D and 3D objects in several layers and set text and color in each layer. You can draw your own icons and customize your menu bar and tool bar.

You can connect objects with lines, arrows, and text to create a drawing. You can type and edit text, add arrows, line, text, and objects, or use the objects and tools already built into the program.

You can create text with layers, including color, weight, and opacity. You can change font size, type, and color of text. You can add special types of text like text boxes, text banners, and logos.

You can place objects on different layers and change the layer visibility.

You can view the entire drawing or just a portion of the drawing.

You can turn layers on and off and you can reset or hide layers.

You can add symbols, arrows, lines, and text to drawing pages.

You can align objects or guides with each other or with the edges of the drawing page.

You can add a 3D solid to the page.

You can add a 2D or 3D view.

You can add special view options.

You can show or hide special views.

You can use coordinate systems and use multiple styles.

You can define a path and use a path style.

You can add and edit text and symbols.

You can create and edit fields to automatically type and update information. You can

AutoCAD Crack+

There are a number of AutoCAD-specific customizations to the Windows application:
AutoCAD uses a graphically designed type toolbox, which is the only Windows application in the class that retains this traditional technique. Unlike all other Windows programs, AutoCAD does not use the “control panel” style of toolbox.
AutoCAD provides “tooltips” in the graphically designed toolbox, which are buttons on the side of the toolbar (see image to the right) that display contextual information about the tool, the line style currently being used, other graphical information.
AutoCAD can display tooltips on both sides of the drawing, or only on the left side.
AutoCAD has a “pan and zoom” function in the graphically designed toolbox, allowing the user to move, resize, and rotate a drawing without having to use other tools. Other Windows programs cannot offer such a function.
AutoCAD has in-context shortcuts in the graphically designed toolbox that allow the user to activate a toolbar tool without opening the toolbox, and then use the tool by clicking anywhere in the drawing area. Other Windows programs cannot offer such a function.
AutoCAD supports “macros”, or small programs that allow the user to automate certain tasks.

The commercial version of AutoCAD requires a subscription to use; it does not have a free trial. AutoCAD for the Mac is a version of AutoCAD that runs on Mac OS X, beginning with AutoCAD 2008. AutoCAD for the Mac does not allow users to open native AutoCAD files, but requires a conversion from the native DWG format. The Mac version supports the Mac OS X version of the Windows OpenGL graphics API, which makes it able to render in the native resolution of the Mac’s graphics hardware, and it runs in a native Cocoa user interface. The graphical user interface is similar to the Windows version, but the layout is different.

AutoCAD 2016 was the last version of AutoCAD for the Mac to include native compatibility with Windows. AutoCAD 2017 introduced native compatibility with Windows 10.


AutoCAD 2016

Autodesk AutoCAD 2016 contains features that were introduced in previous versions of AutoCAD. Among the new features are:
Geometric component for composing and editing 2D parts.
Arc tools for editing 2D polygons.
Multilingual Windows and Mac, including Arabic and Hebrew

AutoCAD [March-2022]

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What’s New In AutoCAD?

Redesigned Paper Space and Publish Space

See more content on the same page: You can place multiple drawing environments and Publish Space drawings on the same page. Use context-sensitive drawing and project settings to select the most relevant drawing environment.

Multiple Viewports per Drawing:

Open several drawings at the same time and navigate among them with a single click. Easily navigate among views of several drawings without switching layouts.

Newly Reorganized Drawing Explorer

Organize your drawings in an easy-to-navigate tree view. Keep your most-used drawings at the top of the tree view.

New tool palette for 2D and 3D tools

Several design and drafting tools have been updated with new colors and tool tips. The new tool palette is designed to help users find tools quickly, regardless of which tool or object is selected.

Simplify and speed up drawing commands with shortcut keys

Use shortcut keys to perform many drawing commands without selecting them. Open the “Keyboard Shortcuts” dialog box to learn how to use the shortcuts.

Saving menu options in a batch

Save your drawing in a batch of multiple files. Use the “Saving” menu option, “Batch Save,” to open the “Batch Save” dialog box and choose which files to save to.

Preset drawing templates in an online catalog

Create, manage and share your own drawing templates. Open the “Drawing Templates” catalog to access your drawings templates and use the “Create a Template” dialog box to quickly share a custom template with other users in your organization.

New animations for text, symbols and dimensions

Create animations to dynamically generate or select objects in your drawings. Use the “Project Settings” dialog box to learn how to use the animations.

One-click annotation of dimension objects

Use the new “Annotate” option to add comments to dimension objects that are next to each other, and easily compare them.

Revision and annotation features for 2D and 3D views

Add comments, revision notes and annotations to objects in 2D and 3D views. Edit your annotations in the Revisions window.

Revision and annotation features for 2D and 3D drawings

Create new or edit existing revision notes and annotations for all files in

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

OS: Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 (64-bit)
Processor: Core 2 Duo E6550 (2.66GHz), Core i5 E4540 (2.66GHz) or later.
Memory: 2 GB of RAM
Graphics: ATI or Nvidia. Currently not working on Intel graphics
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Display: 1024 x 768 or higher resolution
Storage: 10 GB available space
Mouse/Joystick: Logitech G35. A steering wheel and

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