AppStar application was designed to be the one and only file sharing tool.
Here are some key features of “AppStar”:
■ share your files with other internet users
■ all files can be shared (not only your mp3s)
■ no server which could be sued (public http- and irc-servers are used to find other users)
■ supports resuming (even if sender’s and receiver’s IP changed)
■ the alternative beyond Napster and Gnutella
■ AppStar does not work correctly with the internet connection sharing in Windows, i think because the internet connection sharing does not support fragmented IP-telegrams
■ AppStar should work with WinGate when the client software is running
■ AppStar does not work with a firewall that blocks fragmented UDP-packets, because AppStar needs them







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AppStar Cracked Accounts is a file sharing system designed to provide users with a more reliable and privacy-protected way to share files on the internet. Unlike Gnutella, Napster or P2P, AppStar Product Key has built-in encryption, using the very standard format of UDP-packets. Furthermore, AppStar does not support other protocols that can be abused by unauthorized and/or unscrupulous users and internet providers, such as FTP and SMTP.

It is most likely that Apple won’t approve appstar for iOS for obvious legal issues. Your application cannot be submitted to the App Store until it’s removed from the websites ( ) by the owner.
Due to the legal issues, if you upload AppStar or AppStar Lyrics, it should have the following information as the disclaimer:
1. This app is not affiliated with Apple Inc. and no copyright claim is made.
2. It’s a non-profit site.
The issue has been raised many times and they have never been confirmed.
Please note that it is against the App Store’s terms and conditions to distribute or develop any software that interferes with other applications.

The list of songs has been pre-loaded. You can add songs later if the song is not in the list.

You must have at least 2 GB of free storage space in order to download/upload songs.

Any apps you download from the App Store will be moved to the downloads folder, so make sure you have enough space there!

You cannot transfer your songs to the device from your computer unless you set the device’s setting to “Storage Card Mode.” You can do this in Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Location & Privacy.

iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is required for this app.

If you have questions about the app or need help, please contact us via Email:

Sharing Songs from iPhone & iPad



Converting into Apps

by sheena.kiran0

Aug 8, 2014


can we share songs with this app?

I don’t know the conversion process

I would like to check the application,

Where can I get the

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AppStar is a decentralised network of members that is distributed over the internet and organised in a peer-to-peer (P2P) network. Each AppStar member has a share on a filesystem that is located on the user’s computer. There is no central server, so no, “there will never be a central point to control and manage files” just like with Napster or Gnutella.
However, unlike Napster and Gnutella, AppStar does not use a central server for searching for other members and getting files. The members do this themselves. They send each other files that they need and then exchange the files they get with each other, all automatically.
Without knowing who all these other members are, nobody can be sued for illegal file sharing because nobody is taking action that can be traced back to one person. There is no central server that has all the IP-addresses of all the AppStar members, so no, “a central point to control and manage files” as it is in Napster and Gnutella.
File Sharing:
Each AppStar member has a share on a filesystem on their computer. There is no central server, so no “central point to control and manage files” like in Napster or Gnutella. There is no central server because all members are exchanging files directly with each other.
If a member has a shared file that is needed by another member, the member sends the file to the other member. A member can send a shared file by sharing the file with someone else, even if the other member has the file already. Sharing a file means sending the file to the other member. That’s it.
No one can be sued for illegal file sharing because nobody is taking action that can be traced back to one person. There is no central point to control and manage files, like in Napster or Gnutella.
There is no central server that knows who all members are. When a member sends a file, it is sent to all other members and they can share the file with each other. This is done using a piece of software called Search.
Search is a program that any member can run on any member’s computer. The members exchange files using Search, but if they want to get the file, they just send the share link to a member that has the file.
Each member has a share link on the member’s share. A member can share a file, but it does not mean that that member has

What’s New in the?

AppStar is a network messenger that lets you search for and share files.
You can list or search for other AppStar users’ files using a search box.
AppStar uses a TCP connection and IP fragmentation to allow internet users to share and search for their files. This helps avoid packet fragmentation problems on IP networks that fragment the packet’s IP datagrams into smaller units.
As an alternative to Napster and Gnutella, AppStar is a decentralized network and is safer because:
1. The AppStar system is not controlled by any company and the AppStar server can not be sued for any damages, in contrast to the Gnutella and Napster servers
2. AppStar does not have any problems with packet fragmentation, since no fragmentation takes place
3. AppStar is not limited to a single address, so it does not depend on the same IP address as other internet users
4. AppStar does not have any time limit or cache.
AppStar only allows search files from one user to another, not search from user to user.

Other features:
■ one application that works on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux
■ the file name or the file path can be entered in the search box
■ file sharing between two windows/linux users is possible
■ you can type in the URL you wish to find instead of the file name
■ two connections are used, a primary one and a secondary one (the secondary connection is used in the case the primary connection does not work)
■ AppStar is configurable. You can set your computer to ask you every time you connect to AppStar for a login, for example when you close AppStar
■ AppStar is still under development and the API is under construction
■ the way to search for the files that you have already shared is not finished. You will have to connect to AppStar and check what kind of files you shared
■ AppStar does not support streaming over the internet, but you can use AppStar to share files over a LAN
■ search for files via the client software, so AppStar is also useful if you forget the file name you use to share the files
■ the possibility to listen to music is currently unfinished

How to start:
■ Start the client software
■ Type “AppStar” into the address bar and press “enter”
■ Select the “Use my computer” option from the options-menu
■ The client software starts.
■ A connection screen pops

System Requirements For AppStar:

Ableton Live 10 or higher
CPU: Intel or AMD 64-bit Processor
RAM: 4 GB or more
HDD: 25 GB or more
Windows XP SP3 or higher, Windows Vista or higher
Mac OS X 10.6 or higher
Please note: There is no official video showing how to configure your Ableton Live computer to play the output files on a third-party synthesizer.
MIDI knowledge is not

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