One of the key services offered by RAMSURTI Global Services is admission guidance to overseas colleges and universities. This service is designed to help students find the right college or university that matches their academic goals, interests, and career aspirations. The process of admission guidance starts with an initial consultation with a counselor, who will assess the student’s academic background, interests, and career goals. Based on this assessment, the counselor will recommend a list of colleges and universities that are best suited for the student.

Once the student has selected the colleges and universities they want to apply to, the counsellor will provide them with comprehensive information about the admission requirements, application deadlines, and other important details. The counsellor will also assist the student in preparing the application materials, such as transcripts, essays, recommendation letters, and test scores.

In addition to providing admission guidance in the main office in Pathankot, RAMSURTI Global Services also conducts seminars to reach out to a wider audience of students. These seminars are typically held in schools, colleges, and other educational institutions, where students can learn about the various options available for higher education abroad. The seminars are conducted by expert counsellors who provide valuable insights into the admission process, the requirements, and the challenges that students may face when applying to overseas colleges and universities.

During the seminars, students can also interact with the counsellors and ask questions about the admission process. This provides an excellent opportunity for students to get personalised guidance and advice from experienced professionals. The seminars also offer a platform for students to network with other students who are interested in pursuing higher education abroad.